About Us

RGS is a top-tier brand of office and school furnishings that grew out of the family of Regency brands. RGS follows the good/better/best brand model. What does that mean? It means we're the best of the best, offering high quality and custom products for every business need. You could be in a single office, a government and military facility, or even a school and classroom. RGS has you covered. We'll even take care of complete building redesigns. Modern trends, cutting-edge designs, and hometown customer service; that's RGS.

What Sets RGS Apart

Family-Owned for 3 Generations


RGS Covers Your Office Needs

RGS began in 1945 as Summervilles’ Inc, an office product and supply store. Norma Summerville started and led the store in an era when it was uncommon for women to run businesses. Summervilles’ flourished under Norma’s leadership until 1987. When her son, John ‘Skip’ Summerville, took over, it didn't stop there. Now, the father-son duo of Skip and Aaron Summerville use combined leadership to helm the RGS ship.

Hailing from “The City of Invention,” RGS is no stranger to new ideas. As Summervilles’, it was the first to offer on-site store parking in downtown Akron. And it built the first office furniture indoor showroom.

Today, RGS holds several design and utility patents. One such design is a true modular conference table with interchangeable parts. This allows the table to expand and contract to any desired length. Another is a lounge chair with removable and reversible tablet arm. And the innovation doesn't stop there.

RGS produces a wide array of furniture and interior design, with a focus is in Training Room, Breakroom, Conference, Case Goods, and Seating. For your Training Room needs, select from the most sturdy, stylish, and functional table bases. And with our Conferencing tables, you won't only find stylish tops and beautiful finished. You'll also find hardware that allows you to have an efficient meeting.

Global Connections

Same-Day Shipping

Top Notch Customer Service

RGS maintains close relationships with manufacturers all over the world. It doesn't matter if it's from Southeast Asia, Europe, the Middle East, or right at home in North America. RGS will bring the best furniture, storage, and more.

In-stock products are ready to ship out of Akron, Ohio the same or next day. Even custom items built to your specifications on-site have a quick turnaround time.

At RGS, you’ll get the honest and helpful customer service you’d expect from a small business. We treat our customers like family. We treat each caller with the respect they deserve. We're all dedicated to professional problem solving and cordial answers to your questions.

Custom Capabilities

Professional Design Services

Professional Imaging and Marketing

After using local manufacturing, RGS can customize the furniture for your entire office. You can choose from an array of laminate finishes and upholstery fabric colors.
The team of professional interior designers at RGS helps companies of any size. Whatever you bring to the table, they'll help you choose the brands that best fit the company, staff, and space. Find out for yourself when you schedule a consultation. The designers will help with office layouts, furniture selection, finishes, colors, and styles. They'll even help with flooring, office décor, lighting, wall colors and more.
RGS uses in-house graphics, photography, and marketing. Our team brings best high-res imagery, detailed data, informational brochures, and other materials. You'll see and know everything RGS and Regency branded products have to offer.